She's My Concierge is an elite concierge and event planning company that provides impeccable customer care with endless resources and unmatched customer satisfaction.  We get things done! 

Every great talent needs a great agent.  We are your agents for getting things done!  We are your well-connected team of go-getters that is dedicated to your continued success and peace of mind.  Our clients never worry about the service department closing before they get there, about their child missing out on sold out concerts tickets, about vendors showing up on time or celebrations to be planned because She's My Concierge is always just a click away.

We are a close-knit group of talented professionals that have worked seamlessly together for over 20 years planning, organizing, and implementing some of the most successful events and special projects in this region.   With diverse backgrounds, numerous areas of expertise, and relentless dedication and passion for perfection, we have created a team that is polished, personable, and prepared to handle whatever our clients need.

We ventured into the business of lifestyle management, first by accident, now by demand, and we love it!  We quickly realized with the new and increasing demands on our client’s personal and professional time, we could play a significant role and make a tremendous difference in their lives.

She's My Concierge is committed to handling your personal and professional business with dedication, efficiency and confidentiality.  We are NOT your typical concierge service; we are your DREAMTEAM and it won’t take you long to realize it.